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What makes us different

We are here to enhance the joy of pet parenthood, our pledge to you is that your furry child will be in great hands with us.

Our promise comes from our team’s genuine love for dogs, regardless of their size or breed. When you leave your dog at Pawz, you’re leaving them in the hands of highly trained professionals who have:

We can’t wait to provide you and your dog with an experience that will surpass your expectations. Come see our difference!

Personalizing each visit to individual needs & preferences

At Pawz, we aim to provide a personalized experience based on you and your dog’s needs.
Each visit will be a healthy balance of play, exercise, socialization, learning, rest, and TLC.

Our #1 priority is the safety & well-being of our guests

We chase the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do! We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for everyone that enters our facility. 

Your furry family member will have a ball of a time in our quality, safe, clean and fun play areas that have been specially designed with their wants and needs in mind.